A common misconception among people is that burglaries and home security systems only happen in houses. However, according to the National Crime Prevention Council, apartments are actually 85% more likely to be burgled than single-family homes. So if you are having doubts in getting a home security system even if you rent an apartment, this statistic alone should warn you enough that you should consider in getting one.

Why Apartment Security is Important

Although they are generally called home security systems, these systems are not just for homes – it applies just as much to apartments. Renters have possessions as valuable as homeowners so these places can be just as vulnerable.

Whether you own or rent your home, you have the right to protect yourself which is why it is important to consider and invest in home security measures that will keep you, your family, and your possessions safe. If you are going to do so, make sure that your landlord knows about any potential security measures particularly those that involve any kind of installation.

Apartment Security Options

There are apartment security measures that are easy to do such as locking all windows and doors before leaving your home or before sleeping. Locks are a great help in contributing to the protection of your home as it makes it harder for intruders to break into.

Another option is to invest in an apartment security system. With the additional benefits it can provide you, your apartment will surely be safe from potential threats. Although standard locks and basic safety measures can help, having a security system in your apartment will give you that extra mile in being protected. Its alarm system will alert you, your neighbors, and the police (if you opt for a monitored system) that a burglar has either entered or attempted to enter your apartment. Some security systems also include motion-sensing lights, light timers or even apartment security cameras, provided that your landlord approves.

Wired or Wireless

A wired security package is less likely the option people go for. However, you can find lots of wireless packages that are perfectly designed for apartments. Also, wireless systems are also the convenient and portable option as you cannot bring a wired system with you when you move to another place.

Finding the Right System for Your Apartment

If you are really planning on investing in an apartment security system, you have several options to choose from. However, if protection is priority number one for you, then it is best if you choose a package that has almost to all the safety measures you can apply in your apartment which includes the alarm system, motion sensors, smoke sensors, etc.

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