Konftel Conference Telephones

Konftel is a leading company and strong brand, within audio conferencing solutions. Since 1988 the mission has been to help people around the world to conduct meetings despite distances. Audio conferencing is a great way to save time, money and at the same time contribute to a better environment.  Good quality is essential for efficient meetings and that is why the patented audio technology OmniSound®, is built into all Konftels’ phones.

Konftel 55 conference telephone

Konftel 55

For efficient web and teleconferencing – The Konftel 55 is an easy-to-use, compact conference device with impressive, crystal-clear sound thanks to the patented audio technology OmniSound®. 

Konftel 55Wx conference telephone

Konftel 55Wx

Web and teleconferencing your way –  HD audio produces crystal-clear and more natural-sounding speech than the sound you get with conventional phone calls. All the nuances come through, making conversation more fluid. 

Konftel 300 conference telephone

Konftel 300

A phone for all your meetings – Packed with many smart features. the Konftel 300 is also ideal in larger contexts as you have the option of adding expansion microphones, a wireless headset and a PA system too. 

Konftel 300Wx conference telephone

Konftel 300Wx

Absolute freedom with no wires attached – the Konftel 300Wx gives you the flexibility to arrange meetings without the need for electrical sockets or phone jacks. Its rechargeable battery provides talk time of up to 60 hours.